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We have install manufacturing capacity of 4 million bags per month, a vertically integrated plant, fully equipped with latest models of extruder
machine and other manufacturing machinery as detailed below-

1. Tape line –1 Set from M/s Lohia Corp Ltd, Extrusion line for PP Stretching sheet no. with High speed model E105B- 1400 HS with Capacity of 450 kgs/hrs along with Cheese winder LFW-200CM,Kanpur
2. Circular Weaving Machine-35 nos from M/s Lohia Corp Ltd, 35 nos -looms of Six shuttle LSL-6 And Nova-6 ,Kanpur
3. Automatic conversion line (stitching and cutting roll to roll)– 1 nos. from M/s ARM STRENGHT With Double fold and stitching option, Vatva
4. Three colour Flexographic printing machine- 1 nos from M/s Navjeevan Industries . 3 color option bag to bag printing along with automatic tension control , Ahmedabad
5. Stitching machines – 6 nos. from M/s Ginza machinery , Ahmedabad
6. Bales machine- 1 nos. M/s Sristi Machineries Pvt Ltd.
7. Universal tensile tester – 1 nos from M/s Dsh equipments , Ahmedabad
8. Cooling Tower–150 TR- 1 nos –from TowerTech Cooling System, Ahmedabad
9. Cheese Pipe-60000nos –S.K Engineeing , Kolkata

Front Elevation of the manufacturing facility

Tape Extrusion Line:High Speed Model E-120B-1400 HS With Capacity of 450 KGS/HRS, With Melt Flow Pump and Imported Die

Cheese Winder LTW-200C. - 264 NOS

Circular Weaving Machine: 35 NOS-6 Shuttle

Latest Model Loom-Nova-06

Woven PP Fabric output From Weaving Machine

Flexographic Printing Machine: M/S Nav Jivan Industries

Automatic Conversion Line (Online Bottom Stitching)

Stitching Machine: Brand ARM Strong

Inside Plant View